• Fun with Timing Attacks

    Guess secrets in your browser by timing some stuff!
  • Stop Fearing Incidental Findings

    We have two options for the next hundred years of healthcare: gather as much data as possible and make healthcare better, or – don't – because we're afraid that people will get scared and act unwisely when they see an incidental finding.
  • Permiscuchess

    Chess for people who are good at computers and bad at chess.

  • Improving Type Safety with ts-json-validator

    Let JSON play nicely with Typescript using ts-json-validator.

  • Taking Types Too Far

    Herein we check the Collatz conjecture using only Typescript’s type system.

  • TINE-CNN Augmentation

    TINE-CNN Augmentation (pronounced Tiny-CNN Augmentation) is a new way to perform automatic data augmentation for any image classification task.

  • Do Basketball Referees Favor the Losing Team?

    Basketball fans love a close game. A nail-biter with fifteen lead changes is much more fun to watch than a blowout. But do the refs like close games as much as the rest of us?

  • Demystifying Ghost

    My mother loves words. To this day, she insists that I should become a poet. During a road trip when I was little, she introduced me to a game called Ghost, and we would play all the time.