The Repository of Ill-Advised Ventures

A personal collection of items from times people should have known better. An assortment of totems from fraudulent, silly, or just plain incompetent ventures, especially around Silicon Valley.

Song Game

Multiplayer name-that-tune over the internet.

Send me a secret

Easily encrypt a short message such that only I can read it.


Chess for people who are good at computers and bad at chess.


Let JSON play nicely with Typescript.

Taking Types Too Far

“Solving” the Collatz conjecture in the Typescript type system.

Solving some games

My favorite way to explore a new programming language or idea is to write up a solver for some game.


Winternitz one-time signatures, but you (probably) don’t totally break security if you accidentally use the same key twice

Baseball predictions

Back in college, I – along with a couple of friends – put together a scheme to predict baseball scores. It worked pretty well.

Q Bio

I run the Platform Engineering team at Q Bio, where we’re trying to change medicine from an art to a science.


Many of my recent projects live inside Vanta, where I was the first engineer and spent four years trying to make internet security less hard.

Everything else

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